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What comes to mind when you think, all female cast? For most, it involves visualizing a group of women discussing their love lives, trying to fall in love or recover from love. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching smushy love movies as much as the next hormone driven female (when I need a good cry, I use them as an aid to start the water works, much like porn is used to get people off…)

Movies today still showcase sexism, but in a much sneakier way. I was at a movie a while ago and made an observation whilst watching the upcoming trailers. Two action movies were being advertised and both had male main characters. Yes, there were females present, but as secondary characters, and as love interests. Now, don’t expect me to bash on men and I’m certainly not going to try and convince all women to burn their bras, I just had this funny, irking feeling in my gut as I watched those trailers.

Where are the movies with staring female leads? The rare instances that there is an action movie with women in the cast (not the main character, that would make it a chick flick, and, unwatchable by the genres main audience: men), they are usually scantily clad, sweaty in all the right places or wearing tight leather to show off their best features (usually double D’s).

Why can’t women take a swing at action without being cast as sexual objects? Love interest, crazy cat lady and sex-maniac girlfriend seem to be the only roles for women, in any genre.

The kind of movie I want to see has a mostly female cast who go about their lives, in an action-y kind of way (ie., assassins, evil masterminds, wild west cowgirl) but not be distracted by the typical story line that has plagued many a feature film involving women: how to find Mister Right. That’s all I’m asking, it’s not too much. Maybe even adding a few female comics to the mix so that the rest of the cast don’t seem like they’re brooding at each other. Although, opposite to popular belief, women are funny and don’t want to claw each other’s eyes out nearly as often as most people think.

I know that I am just one person and really, who cares what I think. But, I believe passionately about this and hope by developing this blog that I can find other likeminded people (see what I did there? I know there are men out there how feel the same) who share the same ideals.

I believe that if the right people see this that maybe they can get the ball rolling and create female friendly movies that don’t feed into stereotypical views of women. We all have the right to be entertained and to be entertaining.

Basically I am a sick and tired nerd. Male characters have dominated the action/sci-fi/fantasy genres for far too long. No more will women be in distress, cast as the “girlfriend” or made to wear tight leather pants. This blog promotes the idea that women and men can be equal in entertainment.

Mighty Damsels is an open forum. Want to be a writer for this blog? Have an awesome comic that you created? Stories, scripts, comics, memes, and more are welcome as long as they fit the requirements of this blog.


1. Female lead

2. Plot cannot revolve around main character (s) trying to find love, pining for love or talking about past loves (minor romance is allowed, just can’t be a main plot line)

3. For comics: limit breast size and tightness of clothing unless being ironic

4. Male dominated genre preferred. We need to prove that girls can play with the boys.

Most importantly, anyone can contribute. I am in no way a crazy, bra burning, man-hating feminist. I just want to even the playing field, allowing everyone to see that female characters are able to lead a team of zombie killers, pilot a space ship or assassinate a president without thinking about Mr. Right or sweating her tits off in a tight leather uniform.

Reviews are also welcome. If you have a movie, book, comic or organization worth talking about that has the aforementioned interests in mind, please discuss.

Take a gander, poke around, tell your friends and drop me a line if you like what you see.



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  1. Love what you’re doing. I’m writing a fantasy story at the moment and I want to create a female character that embodies strength, courage, and leadership. The lack of strong female leads in pop culture is quite disturbing.

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