Unbeknownst to me, Patrick Stewart is a vocal advocate for stopping violence against women. As a child, his father abused him and his mother. He was a man suffering from a condition that was casually diagnosed as Shell Shock: PTSD. The video below is Stewart answering a fan’s question about his work with various organizations and ends with an awesome hug.

Be warned, this video will cause you to uncontrollably leak fluid from your eyes..


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I am a sick and tired nerd. Male characters have dominated the action/sci-fi/fantasy genres for far too long. No more will women be in distress, cast as the "girlfriend" or made to wear tight leather pants. Ladies! Raise up your swords, M16's, phaser guns and pens! Mightydamsels.wordpress.com

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    Gentleman approved

  2. Dina says:

    Brilliant!! thanks for sharing

  3. I’ve had occasion to meet Patrick Stewart a couple of times (he was a client of my boss). He was always a beautiful man to cater to, kind and genuine.

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    Everyone really should see this.

  5. […] Patrick Stewart: From Space Exploration to Standing Up for Women. (in het Engels) […]

  6. What a lovely man. It is incredibly brave for him to speak out, not only about his own experiences, with compassion for both his mother and his father, but also as a man putting his neck on the line by broaching a difficult subject where he could be criticised by other men. Thanks for sharing it. Love the premise for your blog, by the way. I will read with interest…

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