This burn feels sooo good

Everyone seems to be up in arms about the fact that Disney bought Lucas films. There are people who are disgusted, annoyed, happy and at least, interested. I am one of the latter. Until the first movie trailer comes out and I get a feel for the type of movie Episode 7 will be, I will remain unbiased.

However, being me, I have a tiny request for the writers: make the lead character a woman/girl. It would be such a simple thing, making the lead have two X chromosomes instead of one. Seeing as how most films with male leads do not make the main role gender specific, it would be easy. Looking around at most films, men have ruled the roost (hence the need for this blog…) for too long.

Disney gave us Brave, an excellent film with a female lead and no romantic storyline. But, I think it is important to have casual gender switches without broadcasting the fact that this is a CHICK FLICK, meant to be watched just by little girls to improve their self-esteem. No. It is necessary to have films where both genders are given the chance to play the lead without their gender being an issue, and to be appreciated by a male and female audience. That is why I thought it would be an excellent idea for the writers of Star Wars to make their main character female. Its a fresh start to a series who already has a wicked-ass leading lady, Princess Leia. Why not continue the awesomeness?

I have no idea in what direction the writers/director (when they are chosen..) will go with these new installments. I for one am very excited, seeing as they know (thanks to outspoken fans) that the first three episodes were awful, and will hopefully steer clear of cheesy dialogue and unnecessary characters (here’s lookin at you Jar Jar..).

They have such potential to affect how mainstream movies are written in regards to who is cast as important characters. Star Wars has such an immense following that could provide an excellent test audience for what could be a groundbreaking movement in entertainment: having women as lead characters (shocking, I know…).


PS. I have just started a petition, please  sign!!!


About Mighty Damsels

I am a sick and tired nerd. Male characters have dominated the action/sci-fi/fantasy genres for far too long. No more will women be in distress, cast as the "girlfriend" or made to wear tight leather pants. Ladies! Raise up your swords, M16's, phaser guns and pens!

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  1. Curnblog says:

    Absolutely – couldn’t agree more. It’d be a major play to have a female in a major role as a Jedi and I think it could only widen the series’ appeal.

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