Y the Last Man is a pretty decent comic book series. It’s well written, well drawn and contains an amazing amount of humor. The main issue I have with it the fact that the world basically ends when all the men die.

I have no way of knowing who controls what nerve centres throughout the world that make things run, but I doubt that there are absolutely no women operators.

The overall theme of this series is that the main character, Yorick Brown as well as all women are now living in a post-apocalyptic world. Is that what would truly happen? If all the men dropped dead tomorrow would all the women just stop knowing how to live?

Sure, it would be terrible. And, who knows how we would deal, but surely enough sense would be involved to keep the electricity running and make sure there was enough food for everyone.

There are a lot of really great female characters (obviously as all the men are gone). Agent 355 is pretty badass, providing Yorick with some much needed protection. Dr. Mann was also a really strong character, providing a good storyline with the more science-y side of the series.

The other issue I have are the characters belonging to a group of women who call themselves the Amazons. Basically they are hardcore feminists who believe that Mother Earth has cleansed herself from the evil gender (men). They are violent and a bit extreme in their beliefs, much like modern day radical feminists. Again, how can we know what people would do in this situation. Surely it is evident that the human character changes in extreme situations, but these women are so anti-men, it’s scary.

Y the Last Man is an excellent read, even if it has a few issues. It’s humor and thoughtful characters make up for the slight sexism present, and the visuals aren’t bad either.

If nothing, it makes you wonder what would happen if all the men were to miraculously disappear, leaving womankind to rule the world.


About Mighty Damsels

I am a sick and tired nerd. Male characters have dominated the action/sci-fi/fantasy genres for far too long. No more will women be in distress, cast as the "girlfriend" or made to wear tight leather pants. Ladies! Raise up your swords, M16's, phaser guns and pens! Mightydamsels.wordpress.com

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