“You have got to be kidding me,” Asher spat on the tire of his now broken truck and cursed it for being in existence. “Hundreds of dollars and countless man hours wasted.” Pulling out his cell phone he angrily punched in the digits necessary to call in some back-up.

Tasha stuck her head out the side of the truck, her red hair stuck to her forehead from the heat, “What’s the hold up?”she chirped, knowing full well what was wrong.

This caused Asher to gesture rudely in her direction without looking at her while he explained his situation into the phone. Tasha laughed and sat back in her seat, examining her nails. Asher flipped his phone shut and came over to the passenger side window to glare at her, “You know you could help a bit”. Tasha snorted.

“I told you I don’t deal with metals, that’s Fay’s field of expertise”. She was referring to her twin sister, who besides sharing the same birthday and mother, were nothing alike. Tasha and her sister Fay were witches. Born with the ability to do magic, Tasha could conjure and handle fire, handy if they had been camping, but not when they had a broken truck on their hands. She also could do a variety of spells whose nature was healing as well as finding lost people. Fay was skilled in manipulating objects and moving them with her mind. She especially enjoyed moulding metals and was quite crafty, earning her the title of artist in the group. Fixing cars was something she had picked up recently.

“Then why’d I bring you along then?” he said, tousling her hair before bending down to retrieve his tool box. Tasha stuck out her tongue as Asher went to the back of the truck to return the tool box to its rightful place. Asher was not a witch. He was completely human, and was reminded of that whenever his friends went hunting. Not provided with any natural powers he was forced to rely on human weaponry, of which with he was very skilled. He had also been trained in martial arts, making him more dangerous than the average human.

Looking up at the sky he noted that it was almost nightfall. The truck`s demise also meant that they were going to be late to meet the rest of the group. Late, and alone. Asher usually kept a few guns and knives in the cab of his truck and Tasha could do a bit of damage in her own right, but she could not reach her full potential without the presence of her sister. If they were attacked by anything in numbers, they probably couldn`t fight them off. Asher and Tasha belonged to a group of hunters, a mix of humans, witches and a few other miscreants who worked together to rid the world of things that go bump in the night.

“How long until they get here?“ Tasha inquired from the cab.

Asher lit up a cigarette and rolled eyes, “when they get here I guess“. She too realized how close they were to dark.

“If you had called when the truck first broke down we would be home by now.“ She stated, putting her feet up on the dash. “But you had to go and try to and prove your manhood again“

“Hey“ Asher exclaimed, his voice sharp.

“ Well it`s true,“ she began.

“No, I meant be quiet, I heard something,“ Tasha straightened and looked around.

“What did it sound like“ Asher didn`t respond. Pulling out a dagger he stocked off the road out of Tasha`s view.

“Asher!` She whipped around in her seat when she saw him disappear from the side rear view mirror. She lit up her hand with orange fire and got out of the truck cautiously. The truck had decided to break down in one of the only unpopulated areas of the city and next to dense woods. “Asher!” she called out in a loud whisper. Crickets and the rustle of leaves were the only sounds to call back to her. She began to feel anger bubbling inside her. He had left her alone and was the one responsible for them being out so late. Being hunters had gained them enemies and her being a witch meant that other supernatural beings could sense her if they tried. It was now almost fully dark causing Tasha to not only use her flame for possible protection but also to light her way. She ducked under branches of lush trees, almost tripping on their roots. Her footwear was not appropriate for a late-night stroll in the woods. She stopped suddenly when she heard rustling up ahead. “Asher!” she called once more, feeling fear now instead of anger. He didn’t respond, leading her to believe that Asher was not the one coming towards her. Standing up straight she increased the size of her flame and stood at the ready. The being that was making all the noise was getting closer and closer until she could make out a shadow. “ Come out and fight me you bastard!” she cried out knowing her voice was shaky, and that she rarely swore making her claim sound awkward. The rustling stopped and the shadow seemed to disperse. Tasha began to back up slowly, taking care not to trip, when she bumped into something hard. Whipping around she came face to face with Asher, a smirk on his lips.

“ Asher, you idiot!” she cried out smacking him on the arm.

“ Ow! That was completely uncalled for” he said rubbing his arm, pretending to be hurt.

“Why did you have to freak me out like that? Did you actually hear something or were you just acting like the  immature human boy that you are.” She extinguished her flame and pushed past him, heading back to the truck.

“ How could I resist when you had just watched Texas Chainsaw last night. I still can’t feel my fingers you were holding them so tight.” Tasha shook her head, the truck within her sight. Looking closer she saw a handful of figures standing around it.

“Will someone please get me away from this incompetent moron,” she called out. Tasha slowed down when she sensed something was off. The figures didn’t seem familiar, not that she could see in the dark, but they lacked the essence that she recognized in each of her friends. She felt Asher at her back and could feel that he too knew something was wrong.

“Look what I found gentlemen, two sheep that strayed from the flock,” called a gruff voice, one that didn’t sound like it belonged to human vocal cords. His eyes glowed red and from where they were standing Asher and Tasha could see his long fangs peeking out from lips that were parted in a grin. Like a wolf who had found dinner. “This should be very interesting.”


About Mighty Damsels

I am a sick and tired nerd. Male characters have dominated the action/sci-fi/fantasy genres for far too long. No more will women be in distress, cast as the "girlfriend" or made to wear tight leather pants. Ladies! Raise up your swords, M16's, phaser guns and pens! Mightydamsels.wordpress.com

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