A Female Thor Just Won’t Cut It


Congratulations, Marvel.

No really, stand up job. Announcing the recent development that Thor will now be a woman come this October on The View, really was icing on the cake.

Unlike a lot of people, I did not rejoice at hearing that Marvel was going to be writing Thor as a woman, giving the Nordic God of Thunder a whole new storyline. This is because I just see this as a terrible marketing ploy that the comic book giant thought they could slip by unsuspecting readers. But, I suspect. I see through this measly attempt to “drum up female readers”.

Why am I not happy? Me, who wants the world to improve for female fictional characters?

Let me break it down for you:

Thor and his big hammer:

Thor was created as a male character, one with a huuuuge hammer and pretty blond hair. He has a history as Prince, and eventually King, of Asgard. Making Thor a woman will just remind viewers of that other guy, the one who claimed the title as God if Thunder first, and whose history will out shadow this new version. This announcement will also no doubt bring out the ugliest of trolls who don’t like it when their toys are messed with (read: giving their heroes a vagina).

Marvel and its plethora of male characters:

Yes, Marvel needs to focus on female characters. We need a lot more stories told involving female characters, ideally written by women (am I asking too much here?). But, this is not the way to do it. There are many already existing female characters in Marvel’s arsenal, ones that deserve a revamping of their own, if only to drum up some publicity. (hellooooo, a Storm Origin story film would be amaaaazing).

Wolverine wasn’t a household name until the X-Men movies and Hugh Jackman made him more digestible to a non-comic reading audience. If such energy was put into featuring more female characters, perhaps I wouldn’t get so upset when I went to the movie theatre, watching the endless array of trailers featuring white, straight, men.

Remember that time, Marvel, that you passed over Kitty Pryde in her own storyline to feature Wolverine? (X-Men:Days of Future Past). So great. Or how about that time that you made that Elektra movie that did so badly which made you decide against trying to feature a female lead while creating two box-office bombs starring Wolverine. Hilarious.

This isn’t a great leap for Feminism

While part of me is happy that Marvel is starting to realize that other people read their comics besides boys and men, I’m not exactly going to tipping my Feminist hat in their direction.

The very fact that they made this momentous announcement on The View leads me to believe that they have no understanding of their female readers. Perhaps they were watching CNN one day and noticed that there was a war on women and decided to be daring: “Look! We’re into women’s issues! We are going to give one of our main characters one of the most  misunderstood, disempowered “objects” in the world!” (read: a vagina).


Marvel and DC, listen up. If you want to attract more female viewers, first realize that you currently have a large female audience. And, surprise! a male audience that will still read your comics if you feature a female lead that doesn’t look like she has two watermelons strapped to her chest.

If you want MY attention, invest in featuring female characters in your films (a Wonder Woman film is long over due). And when you do, please don’t expect a Nobel Peace Prize. Writing stories about women is not that hard, and really not that daring. Women are PEOPLE too and not some mystical race waiting to be explored. We’ve been around since men and just get up to the same mischief as our brothers.


Geek Girls Ain’t Got Nothing to Prove

Clever and entertaining video, recommended by my friend, Ryan.

Hollywood Doesn’t “Waste” Money on Women

Hollywood doesn’t deem it worthy to write movies with female leads. There is no money in it; no one wants to watch a woman save the day, its just not feasible. At least, that’s how I am reading it. With the lack of viable roles for women in movies written for a “mostly male audience”, I decided to do a little experiment. With Joss Whedon being quoted as saying Hollywood gave female superhero films two chances and gave up, I wanted to see how much money is being wasted on male centered films this year alone.


All info is from Rotten Tomatoes based on their rating system along with budget info from Wikipedia (which even if it is off slightly, is still helping to prove my point).

A Good Day to Die Hard: This movie oozes testosterone and is the fifth installment in this action driven series. Its budget was 92 million with a RT rating of 14%

Jack the Giant Slayer: Although I never watched this movie, the fact that the main characters name is in the title gives it away as being male-centered. It cost studios 200 million to make and only has a 52% rating on RT.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone: Never saw this gem either, but again, the main characters name is in the title along with three men on the movie poster. Its budget was 30 million with a RT rating of 36%.

RIPD: This is a newbie that I have no desire to watch, despite the fact that I enjoy Ryan Reynolds comedy. 130 million is what it cost to make this baby and it ended up with an 11% RT rating. This movie is also based on a comic book. I could certainly do another list of movies based on superhero/comic book films but this list so far includes movies from several genres.

The Lone Ranger: As I go down this list, I realize that I haven’t watched any of these films. But, this one has the main character in its title so I’m gunna go on a hunch that the gender of the person doing the majority of the speaking is male. Its budget was 225 million and it only has a RT rating of 27%.

After Earth: Finally! One that I have actually seen! This father and son centered film cost studios 130 million and currently stands at an 11% rating on RT.


This is just a small portion of the films that have come out so far this year. Most of them are what I consider to be “big box office movies” because they received a lot of attention in terms of promotion. I have listed films in the comedy, sci-fi, comic book, fantasy and action genres to show that in every genre, women are being left behind. If I had the time, and the patience, I would do more of an in depth investigation, but right now I have very little of either.

Looking at the RT box office chart, out of 50 films listed, less than a handful have female leads. The aforementioned movies that have done so badly have cost, in total, 807 million dollars. If they are so anxious to throw away money, why then is it so hard to make movies with women in them; women who speak and think for themselves and aren’t just there as fillers with tits.




The Heat: Not Enough Peen for Critics

WTF did they do to Melissa?!

WTF did they do to Melissa?!

I read the reviews of The Heat on Rotten Tomatoes before I saw it in theatres. I have a love hate thing with that website. We tend to disagree and yet, I always end up crawling back to its pages to get a general feel for how a movie is received. I am currently disappointed with the statements made about The Heat.

When I heard that there was going to be a female buddy-cop movie, I got excited. The trailer made me a little less excited, but I knew that I had to see it for myself. Mostly I thought it was important seeing as how this blog is about women in Hollywood.

I will tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It was hilarious, and unlike a few of the RT reviewers, I laughed a lot. I do have a very juvenile sense of humor, so maybe that’s why. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarty have amazing chemistry in the scenes they did together, but they also manage to be their own entities.

Some critics said it was reliable. Another, “It’s not really such a great achievement to have women cops in the movies acting as boorish and rowdy as their male counterparts.”.

My response? Do you realize how many dang films that come out every year have the same exact story?! The fact that the “buddy-cop” formula is a thing makes this kind of obvious. Of course they were following a blueprint, because it has done so well in the past.

I am still perplexed at the fact that many of the reviewers didn’t find the movie funny. I laughed my ass off, as did many of the people around me in the theatre. Can I go as far to say that the reviewers didn’t find the movie funny because it was women cracking the jokes, saying fuck and chasing down perps? I may be stretching it a bit, looking for misogyny where there isn’t any, but I just find it interesting.

Joss Whedon recently said in an interview that Hollywood only gave female superhero movies two chances (I am assuming with Elektra and Catwoman?) and because they struck out, are apprehensive to try again. And yet, how many male led superhero movies have failed, and how many are coming out this summer alone. The same could be said of The Heat. This female buddy-cop formula has not been tested so there is nothing to compare it to and not enough data to say that women don’t work in this role.

Going back to the “achievement”, or lack thereof, according to the reviewer I quoted above; I wasn’t exactly expecting all women’s issues to go away with the release of this film. That would be ridiculous. What is great though, is that it got made at all. We need more movies like this in order to show a larger  range of female characters because there are so few interesting roles in Hollywood for women outside of the wife or girlfriend.

A few things worth noting about the contents of the film were the lack of female characters. Yes, there were obviously two female leads, but they were the ONLY women with more than  a few lines of dialogue. If this was on purpose, I feel as though the filmmaker needed to make it more obvious. Perhaps a quip about the lack of a woman’s washrooms or a wide camera shot that made it seem as though they were out of place (which of these are not like the other?…) I would have settled for McCarthy’s potty mouthed character to have made a comment about a sausage fest.


Examining McCarthy and Bullocks’ characters, they were both lone wolves within their departments. Bullocks character was competitive, a show off and a know it all, something a lot of male characters tend to be. And yet these personality traits saw her alienated instead of high-fived.  McCarthy’s character had a mouth like a trucker, extremely aggressive and was stubborn. Again, traditionally masculine traits. She was avoided by her colleagues as well who seemed to fear her. These two characters, the bull headed loud mouth and the uptight know-it-all have been seen in many a film. But this time, they had vagina’s.

Maybe these reviewers thought that these characters should be demonstrating more feminine characteristics such as acting like delicate little flowers who did what they were told while keeping their thoughts to themselves. Again, I could be nitpicking for sexism, but its food for thought.

The poster for the film has certainly had its own share of comments. The studio decided to photoshop McCarty’s face, removing quite a bit of her flesh to make her seem thinner. I was utterly perplexed by this. People know what she looks like. Its not a surprise that she is not the average Hollywood actress.

The Heat is just a really great movie that seems to have a lot riding on its shoulders. Yes, the story follows one similar to its predecessors: the two opposing characters end up bonding over their similar experiences and end up saving the day. But, it was still hilarious. Hopefully Hollywood won’t see this movie as a failure but instead, a great starting point.

What Year Is It Again?: The Abortion Debate

Watching the Makers series that I posted earlier about the women’s movement of yesteryear, I was appalled at how women were treated in the 60s and 70s. Those that had finally had enough with being treated like second class citizens rose up and voiced their demands. One of which included access to safe and legal abortions.

Roe Vs Wade happened in 1973, and yet 40 years later it is still being debated. It is still being contended in courts as seen recently with the amazing filibusting machine that is Wendy Davis.

It was a campaign issue in the last American election and with the aforementioned filibuster, now a trending topic on the internet. But why now? Is there truly a war on women that is now finally coming to a head, planned by conservatives who led women on for years, making them think they were safe? It sounds absurd and a bit radical, but the question must be asked. Women’s issues were so eagerly debated in the 60s and 70s with job equality and  contraceptive rights. Maybe we did get too comfortable and are being pushed back a bit.


I encountered some pro-lifers yesterday on the corner of a busy Toronto intersection. They were holding up huge, graphic signs of fetuses who had been aborted. They were standing there silently, not yelling at cars or even pedestrians. They were all young, and they were all women. This perplexes me. Women who are anti-woman? I don’t get it. Similarly, I don’t get trans and bi hate within the gay community. Shouldn’t we be working together?

To quote the late George Carlin, “pro-life is anti-woman”. As a pro-choice individual, my wish is to not force every woman to have an abortion. I’m not some maniacal sadist who wants to kill babies; I just want women to have the choice on when she becomes a mother. This means she is able to have a freedom of sexuality, something society seems to be afraid of, as well as freedom to choose her own life path. Somehow, pro-lifers seem to turn this argument around and draw comparisons to other social movements, like when they say ” if you don’t believe in slavery, just don’t own a slave”. This is and absurd and immature tactic to try and discredit the pro-choice movement.

Abortions also save lives. If complications arise, then the pregnancy is terminated in order to save the woman’s life. But, as pro-lifers tend to ignore this fact, I feel as though they see women only as housing agents for babies and not as people.

It is also interesting to note something that is constantly being pointed out: most of the politicians that are proposing the laws to ban abortions, the ones who are voting, are mainly men. Men who will never know the real fear of a pregnancy scare; or what it means to have another child that they can’t support. Men, who because of their privilege, age, upbringing and gender, will never have to put their life and dreams aside to raise a child. That’s what their wives are for, right?


So as someone who is anxiously watching from north of the border, to my American sisters I say, stay strong. There are so many of you willing to stand up just as Wendy Davis did. Rise up. Don’t give up and don’t let some shriveled up old bloke tell you when you can have a baby. Try taking away his Viagra and see how happy he gets

Makers: Women Who Make America

I have been searching for a way to watch this series, and thanks to Youtube, I can share it with everyone!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Miley’s Cyrus Expressing Her Free Agency, and Getting Flack

miley cyrus image

I hate to admit it, but I really like Miley Cryus’ new song, “We can’t stop”. Its catchy, has a good beat and has a controversial video, which made me want to search for peoples opinions. Most of the comments on Youtube made it seem as though people didn’t like it. It was too weird and Miley was being too, well, slutty. I also read an article about the fact that Miley’s fiance Liam Hemsworth didn’t like the video either, or her new image. I will never truly believe what any of these gossip websites or magazines say, only what comes out of the celebrities mouth, but it got me thinking: should her husband have a say in what she does in her music videos? 

I remember watching an episode of Oprah when Jada Pinkett Smith was on, discussing her husbands new tight bod that was on display in I am Legend. There is a memorable scene in which it is on display, Will’s sweaty, muscular body being pumped up and down while he does chin ups. Oprah, and others, congratulated Jada on having a husband that looked that good.  Yay for her, she gets to sleep next to a God-like creature until he stops working out. Channing Tatum’s wife was reached for comment on her husbands role in “Magic Mike” and approved of his stripping. 

So why should we care that Miley and Liam are in a tiff, if indeed they are? The definition of marriage was changed a few years ago, but this makes it seem as though Liam is buying into a contract of ownership like in the days of old. 

Personally, there was a bit too much booty poppin for my taste in the video, but if that is something that Miley wishes to do in order to convey her sexual freedom, then so be it. Maybe its her age that has everyone concerned, but in today’s society, little girls have makeup splattered on their faces while they parade around a stage like women three times their age; Teen Moms are doing porn and advertisements push rape while passing it off as art. I think that one 20 year old woman will not cause they Earth to stop rotating with her sexy body movements. 

Maybe it was the sexual freedom aspect that got people. She wasn’t a back up dancer in a male rappers video wearing less than she was in “We Can’t Stop”. She was the front woman in her own video. And unlike  the women in the aforementioned rape ads, she spoke. Had thoughts. My God, she was her own free agent. What is the world coming to? 


Barbie: IRL

barbie irl

Ever hear of the appalling fact that if Barbie was life-sized, she’d be enormous with extremely odd proportions? Well, this guy decided to make a new kind of Barbie, with more average proportions making every little girls plaything look ridiculous.

Body Issues and Comics: We are Wonder Women

wonder woman meme

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wives: The Eradication of the Traditional Family

I am not a consistent viewer of Fox news. I tend to just watch clips like the one below when the newscasters say stuff that is so outrageous that it ends up on Youtube or Jon Stewart.

OK. Breathe. You have just witnessed one of the many reasons we still need feminism. You may be in shock.

I love how they are just picking two events and assuming that they are correlated. The rise of the female professional and the decline of marriage… never mind that people are living longer and are faced with spending even longer with their spouses; cast aside the fact that divorce is socially acceptable unlike decades ago when it was frowned upon. Damn those people that want to get out of a shitty marriage, they should stay miserable for the rest of their lives.

And of course they mention abortions. I think its in their contract to bring up abortions. Yes, I will admit, we feminists just want to kill babies, castrate men and become the sole bread winners. You caught us Lou. In all seriousness, the 54 million abortions that have occurred (not sure how factual this is..) have prevented population overgrowth that in the very economy they are worried about, would only be suffering. That’s 54 million extra people to find jobs for. Not to mention, the mothers and fathers of these “abortion victims” who would have had a much different future.

Ah science. How convenient that this conservative gentleman is using science as a part of his argument. With my tiny female brain, I can think of at least three species of animals where the female is dominant, but that is irrelevant. We are talking about humans. Yes, men are physically stronger, but as I have discussed before, masculinity and femininity are social constructs. It is because traditional values enforce these constructs that our society is “in trouble”. Sexual assault and violence against women? Its men being dominant as they were taught; low rates of female politicians and CEO’s? Nice girls don’t go into those fields, its not proper.

Looking at the traditional nuclear family, it certainly has changed in recent years. I was raised by a working mother and I turned out OK, as did most of my friends. Single mothers and fathers do OK as well. But perhaps what they are most worried about is, shall I say it, homosexual families? Gasp! Children need a mother and a father, Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, yada yada. These arguments are invalid. The gender of one’s parents doesn’t affect how they are raised but instead rely on general parenting. Adolf Hitler had  a stay at home mother and a father who worked, and look how he turned out…..


Below are some videos that demonstrate the eradication of the traditional family…beware:


Patrick Stewart: From Space Exploration to Standing Up for Women

Unbeknownst to me, Patrick Stewart is a vocal advocate for stopping violence against women. As a child, his father abused him and his mother. He was a man suffering from a condition that was casually diagnosed as Shell Shock: PTSD. The video below is Stewart answering a fan’s question about his work with various organizations and ends with an awesome hug.

Be warned, this video will cause you to uncontrollably leak fluid from your eyes..

A Few Flaws with Feminism


For those who have just stumbled upon my blog, I should alert you to the fact that I am a feminist. Do not be fooled by the title of this blog post. I merely want to point out a few issues I have with feminists who have acted irrationally and given the movement a bad name. This is of course, my own opinion and not divine truth.

1. Being sexy or unable to express sexuality– this is where they lose a lot of supporters, telling women they can’t be sexy (not the same as slut shaming) by denying women who appear on the cover of magazines or ads. Yes, they are put there to sell products, but should they be covered up?  It is not men who need to change, but how women are being viewed. Our society, although more open than it was in the past, is still quite conservative. Nudity is reserved for when people are trying to garner shock value. It is the idea that we are being teased by movies and TV shows when they conveniently hide genitals or large amounts of skin but porn, showing the most human of acts, shows people at their most vulnerable. If nudity wasn’t made to be such a big deal, then perhaps women would be able to express their sexuality without being looked down upon or seen as a pair of tits.

Furthermore, female sex workers and porn stars are rarely seen as feminists because they are giving into the male driven consumer culture. Although these women enter into their respective fields for a variety of reasons, women who engage in sexual acts for money should not be looked down upon. This makes feminists a bit hypocritical.

Humans are sexual creatures and there is no reason why women’s bodies should not be looked upon with an appreciative eye. Certainly I do not condone sexual harassment and do not believe that a woman is merely an object to be viewed. But, denying that she is a sexual creature while fighting for the right to be taken seriously is not fair.

2. Jumping to Conclusions – I will admit to doing this myself. Reading a headline or seeing an offensive image and automatically going from zero to rage. Many feminists peruse through the internet and come across the drivel that exists in spades; there is some really awful shit out there. But often times, they will read the first few sentences or watch the first few seconds of something and assume the worst. Case in point, the Amazing Atheist on Youtube (one of his videos slightly inspired this blog post). He detests feminism, something which he discusses quite often. Although he has said many controversial things, he doesn’t actually hate women as some would believe. He is just fed up with feminism as a whole. This is unfortunate that this gentleman has come to these conclusions. He has many followers who listen to his every word. My only hope is that the don’t take what he is saying at face value and do a bit of research, which is something I think feminists need to do.

He has said that he often receives hate mail from feminists who do not agree with his views. Although he is anti-feminist, as I said, he is not anti-woman. But, they assume he is. It is the same with most controversial Youtuber’s or Bloggers; They read the first few sentences and draw their conclusions from that without looking any further.

The internet is full of so many different people expressing their opinion. Herein lies the danger. People are not looking past what they see to find out the truth, they are taking what they see as fact. The internet needs to be approached with a journalistic-like mindset: look for multiple sources.

Going back to feminists jumping to conclusions: they need to READ or WATCH the entire article or video. Who created it, what are they saying in their other videos/articles, was it satire etc. I once watched a video of a woman who challenged street harassers by looking them in the eye when they passed her. I thought it was amazing how she got these men to look away in shame when they realized what they were doing. It was very empowering. But, she also had videos about how owning a pet is akin to slavery, that we shouldn’t spay or neuter them and that cuddling them against their will is rape….

3. Angry Rants- This is connected to jumping to conclusions. The angry rant. Although it is natural and feels so fulfilling to vent on the internet about the sad state of our human society, feminists are getting a bad rap because of it. I have before mentioned the events that transpired at the University of Toronto between feminists and a men’s rights group this past school year. The whole thing just made me quite upset that none of the protesters even went to any of these “controversial” lectures, or stayed long enough to listen to what was being said.

Here is a video of one such angry rant:

It is hard to take someone seriously when they are yelling like a banshee and ignoring any questions.

Tumblr is rife with feminists who spew out as much hate as someone who is in an actual hate group. This has got to stop. It is sending the message that all feminists are irrational bitches who are constantly on their periods and who lack educated opinions. Ask a feminist why she is a feminist and she should be able to give you a pretty good reason why. And by pretty good, I don’t mean, “because I am a woman”, or “because men/society sucks”. If you identify with a social movement such as feminism, you should know why.

It is my one wish that one day feminists will be taken seriously. I am also hopeful that one day we won’t need feminism and that humanism will be the norm, with issues not separated by gender.

The Avengers Sausage-Fest: Where The Ladies At?

scarlet witch

News has finally broke that the Scarlet Witch and her brother, Quicksilver will be joining the cast of The Avengers 2. As much as I am excited about this, I am also taking it with a grain of salt. Yes, there is another female character being added but, this new lady presence is being canceled out by the addition of her brother.

This is why adding Ms Marvel might have been a better alternative. She is a stand alone character with her own story arc, unlike the Wasp and Ant Man who were also Avenger hopefuls. There are so few female characters that don’t have a male counterparts, and those that exist are very minor characters. She-Hulk, Spiderwoman and The Invisible Woman are all household names, but require the appropriate male characters to even exist.

As recently as 2012, Ms Marvel was redesigned and renamed, Captain Marvel, giving Joss Whedon and his team excellent source material (I highly recommend reading it).

With each member of the Avenger team having their own stand alone movie franchise, female comic book characters have been unable to shine on the big screen. As kick ass as the Black Widow was in the Avengers, she certainly wasn’t what I would consider one of the main characters, but secondary at best. She was also quickly paired off with Hawkeye. As I have said before, I am a sucker for romance and it certainly has its place in a lot of really great films. However, right now, the Black Widow is the only female comic book character being depicted in a major motion picture (I consider X-Men a different breed of characters who mesh into one identity) and yet she is following the stereotype set up by Hollywood by getting cozy with her fellow SHIELD agent, as if it were impossible to have men and women just be friends.

There has yet to be a worthwhile movie that stars a female comic book character. Catwoman, you should know, didn’t actually happen. It was so bad the universe swallowed it up….or so it should. Elektra was somewhat descent but also involved Jennifer Garner strutting around half nekked.

This summer alone, Ironman, Wolverine and Superman are all getting a new movie, some sequels and some reboots. But what of all the great female characters that haven’t even been show cased in ONE film.

Perhaps this new trend of “nerd” films will continue long enough to merge with this new phenomenon of female buddy comedies. A movie version of Birds of Prey could be very interesting, or even a Storm origin story. Or maybe even a Catwoman that won’t cause one to want to rip their eyeballs out through their sinuses…

Does Gender Affect Readership?


Ever make an assumption about a book based on the gender of the author? Pick up a Sci-Fi novel written by a woman and think it will be filled with endless romance and no actual science?

For years women have been using pseudonyms to disguise the fact that they were women tin order to be taken seriously and have readers buy their books. Look at J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. If people knew right off the bat that she was a woman before die hard potter fans existed, would she have been so successful?

There are often assumptions that female authors tend to write a lot of romance related content, which is easy to do seeing as the majority of romance novels are written by women. They also tend to be written by men who use female pseudonyms in order to appeal to female readers.

Recently, author Maureen Johnson started a project called Coverflip which challenged people to redesign the cover of some popular novels to suit the opposite gender it was originally meant to appeal to. Here is the link to more information and a few of the covers that have already been switched: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/07/coverflip-maureen-johnson_n_3231935.html#slide=2421725


Should the gender of the author affect who exactly is reading their book?

Author Rebecca Solnit who has written 15 books, so far, explains her experiences with men in her profession that have looked down on her. Specifically, they are flabbergasted when they realize that she has written acclaimed books and assume to know more information than her about certain topics. Solnits gender does not hinder her ability to write award winning novels, but society seems to think it does.


My challenge to any up and coming writer is this: do not hide your gender to sell books. Tell people that woman are capable of writing political statement pieces or men can come up with cheesy, bodice ripping romance novels (Nicholas Sparks anyone?). Gender has nothing to do with how an author writes about certain topics. Surely, gender affects their experiences and how they view the world, but, readers shouldn’t judge a book based on that criteria alone.


Men and Women in Hollywood and the Media: Large Penis vs Belly Fat


The actresses of Hollywood are forever being scrutinized for the way they look; are those stretch marks? Why is she wearing that dress with those shoes? They can’t even allow for a bit of “pudge” without the press assuming they’re pregnant (try having period bloat under the watchful eye of the paparazzi).

This phenomenon has been going on for years, with actresses being watched at every moment; society waiting with bated breath for the moment when they have a slip and look just like us and get a pimple or show their cellulite.

In the film, Miss Representation, is is discussed how women in politics are described in the media. How Hilary Clinton looks haggard (but how did she just handle her trip overseas?). Condoleezza Rice has constant bitch face, but what has she been doing in Washington? Even their proper titles have been withdrawn (Mrs. Clinton not Senator or Secretary..)

The magnifying glass has long been trained on the women of Hollywood (not to say that men are not seen in the tabloids wearing baggy clothing and looking haggard) but what of the men? In recent years, with the popularity of Mad Men, Jon Hamm has been receiving some attention for his, ahem, endowments. Preferring to go commando  his penis is often seen a’danglin through his pants which has caused quite a stir. There are even tumblr’s dedicated to displaying images of Hamm and his, well, ham. This article  pleads with Mr. Hamm to stop acting like a slut, exposing the unfair victim blaming imposed on women.

It is interesting to me that Jon Hamm is detesting all the attention around his penis. Certainly he should be upset. People are invading his personal space. But, this happens everyday with female celebrities; nip slips, crotch shots (are they wearing panties?), and as mentioned, being held up to ridiculous standards. This is the norm, women being treated like objects to be picked apart, seen as the body parts they are comprised of and not a whole person.

It is also worth mentioning that in our society, a large penis is seen as a necessary instrument to have a successful sex life. Jon Hamm is receiving overwhelmingly positive attention from women and men who want what is in his pants, and men who want what he has in their pants. Anyway you spin it, having a large penis is not a bad thing according to society. But having cellulite, sagging breasts and flubby thighs, is. The press also like to report on women who are too thin, which is disturbing as women who are too “fat” are met with shame.

jon hamm

Women in the media have been picked on by the press for having too small or too large body parts sometimes at the same time. But in the case of Jon Hamm, his penis is just big. I am not denying the fact that Hollywood has set a standard for men; full hair and a rock hard body. But, the media is more forgiving to them. Just look at George Clooney the childless bachelor who is unmarried; he has achieved a god-like status in Hollywood. Now lets look at how Jennifer Aniston is treated who is seven years younger than Clooney. Poor Jennifer. She has no children, isn’t married, why can’t she just settle down? Is she getting fat? How will she attract a husband with that outfit? Where is her status? She has managed to become one of Hollywoods most famous people and yet she is defined by what isn’t on her finger or what her body looks like.

It seems that women get a tough break in Hollywood while men must forever hear how large their penis is or how awesome they are for not getting married. What if the roles were switched. What would it look like if women were noticed for their talent and not their waist size? That is the world I want to live in.